Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy are returning to Store Shelves this Fall!

For the longest time I have been waiting and watching the store shelves. Waiting for the “lost” Monster Cereals, Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy to return. I have to admit, a few times my hopes were dimmed, but I would just watch a few commercials and a measure of hope would return. Then I would put on my Boo Berry costume and tell myself to just be patient.

Well sometimes patience pays off, because General Mills has made an official announcement in a post titled, The return of two General Mills monsters. The cereals will be available this fall!

I am so happy!

This is the standard packaging you will find them in:


But if you go to Target. They will have the Retro Packaging (can you guess where I am going to purchase my cereal?)


So now comes the waiting game and the constant hammering of the Product Locator. If you love the monster cereals and want to see this lineup I suggest you let your wallet do the talking and buy a bunch of boxes. Buy them for your friends! Give whole boxes to trick or treaters! Do what you can to keep these Monsters alive, so we do not need to go decades without them again.

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  1. reerun25

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit eating cereal!

  2. hobgoblin238

    I post here sometimes but I own Monster Cafe Saltillo a restaurant in Mexico deadicated to the Universal Monster movies. On our kids menu we have Frankenberry, Count Chocula, and Boo Berry. I cannot wait to find these in Texas to put more options on our menu!

  3. The Retroist

    @hobgoblin – Hopefully these won’t become a very special “special”. Load up on them!

    Do kids love to get the cereals off the kid’s menu? It is a great idea.

  4. The Nerdy Blogger

    Absolutely brilliant. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not October/Halloween until I get a box of each of these.

  5. The Cosmic Joker

    Fruity Yummy Mummy makes my tummy go yummy. Heh, heh, heh.

  6. Drahken

    I wonder at the point of re-releasing both cereals at once. Based on my research (since I had never had either cereal before & have only seen or heard about it online), the 2 flavors are nearly identical, the flavor of the marshmallows was apparently the only difference. At the time that wasn’t an issue since yummy mummy was apparently an attempt to revive/revamp the fruit brute product, but to release both at once?

  7. The Retroist

    Yeah, it seems like they are banking on the brand rather than the flavors, which in description seem different from that I remember.

  8. Marco Passarelli

    Ari Zainudden, marketing manager in Big G, says “We chose the current flavors of Fruity Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute to be as close as possible to the original flavors while taking into consideration consumers’ preferences. Consumers can get a taste for what these cereals were like when they were originally on shelves.”
    Let’s see what that means, I am cautiously optimistic.

  9. Bob Suruncle

    The FIRST thing I suspect anyone (i.e., eBay seller/scalper) will do when they get to their local Target, is to grab EVERY box (retro design) off the shelf. and then speed home to list them all on eBay @ $200 a box or $500 for a set. but only AFTER the cereal date has expired so that no one will be able to eat any. plus, the boxes will be crushed (purposely before shipping).

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