It’s Punky Brewster

It’s Punky Brewster

Punky Brewster was sitcom about an orphan that ran for four seasons from September 16, 1984 to May 27, 1988. It was remarkably popular and it one of those rare sitcoms that holds up today. Mostly due to the acting of its two leads Soleil Moon Frye and George Gaynes.

Since the show was aimed at families and kids in particular it was decided that show would make for a great Saturday morning cartoon.

That cartoon spin-off was It’s Punky Brewster. A short-lived series that ran from 1985 to 1986. While the show’s official name is It’s Punky Brewster, it was simply called Punky Brewster on the title card.

The show was created by David W. Duclon. He also created the live-action Punky Brewster as well as Silver Spoons, before moving on to product Family Matters for eight seasons.

Animated by Ruby-Spears Productions, the show uses the same premise and main cast as the live-action show, but includes a magical gopher-like creature named Glomer, who came from Chaundoon, a city at the end of the rainbow.

Theme Song

Music on the show was by the Shuki Levy and Haim Saban. Levy is a legend composing the music you hear on many of your favorite shows from the eighties and nineties. In all, he has composed the music for over 130 television shows.

If the name Saban sounds familiar, that is because he is the founder of Saban Entertainment, who brought us the smash-hit, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The theme song for It’s Punky Brewster is as catchy as any cartoon from this era. I wish I could just identify the singer.

I went to the end where the rainbows are. There wasn’t any pot of gold. Instead I found a new friend who is three feet tall. But when the rainbow faded, he was left behind. And a lot like Punky, he is one-of-a-kind.

Punky Brewster, I always want you here with me-e. Uh-oh, uh-oh. Punky Brewster, together we’re a fantasy. Uh-oh, uh-oh. Punky Brewster, we’ll always be the best of friends. Punky Brewster, you know our friendship will never e-end. Uh, oh. Uh, oh.

Home Video Releases

Starting almost immediately the show was released on VHS. Unfortunately it was not an organized release and so not every episode or story made it on during this time.

It’s Punky Brewster never got an official DVD release, but it did managed to get released as part of the Special Features on the Punky Brewster release put out by Shout! Factory.

All for seasons of that series are still available on DVD and also as digital downloads on several services, but if you want It’s Punky Brewster, you will want to pick up the DVDs.


  • Soleil Moon Frye – Punky Brewster
  • George Gaynes – Henry Warnimont
  • Ami Foster – Margaux Kramer
  • Cherie Johnson – Cherie Johnson
  • Casey Ellison – Allen Anderson
  • Frank Welker – Glomer and Brandon


Episodes of It’s Punky Brewster often consisted of two stories. The show had two seasons. It premiered on September 14, 1985 and broadcast its last episode on December 6, 1986.

Season 1

  1. Punky to the Rescue / The Quartersize Quarterback – September 14, 1985
  2. The Gold Rush / Phar Out Pharaoh – September 21, 1985
  3. Pretty Ugly / Glomer’s Story – September 28, 1985
  4. Brandon the Dialogue Dog / Winning Isn’t Everything – October 5, 1985
  5. Punky Wise and Pound Foolish / Christmas in July – October 12, 1985
  6. Return to Chaundoon / A Small Mistake – October 19, 1985
  7. Halloween Howlers / The Perils of Punky – October 26, 1985
  8. Glomer Punks Out / Louvre Affair – November 2, 1985
  9. Growing Pain / Double Your Punky – November 9, 1985
  10. Spellbound / The Shoe Must Go On – November 16, 1985
  11. Switchin’ Places / How the Midwest Was Won – November 23, 1985
  12. Any Wish Way You Can / The Bermuda Tangle – November 30, 1985
  13. Unidentified Flying Glomer / Fish Story – December 7, 1985

Season 2

  1. Little Orphan Punky / Punky’s Millions – September 13, 1986
  2. Punky, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves / Punky the Heiress – September 20, 1986
  3. Fair Feathered Friend / Be My Glomley – September 27, 1986
  4. All in Henry’s Family – October 4, 1986
  5. Call Me Ms. – October 11, 1986
  6. Punky P.I. – October 18, 1986
  7. Mississippi Mud – October 25, 1986
  8. Punky’s Little Acre – November 1, 1986
  9. Camp Confusion – November 8, 1986
  10. Bright Eyes – November 15, 1986
  11. Mother of the Year – November 22, 1986
  12. Allen Who? – November 29, 1986
  13. Caught in the Act – December 6, 1986

It’s Punky Brewster was an entertaining cartoon with a fun premise. While the premise of a magical friend was used often in Saturday Morning Cartoons, on this show it managed to work better because of the well though out main characters, talented writers and solid voice talent. No wonder it lasted for two seasons when so many cartoons during this period lasted for just one.

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    This cartoon’s theme song and the show presence always stuck in my head since the 80s. Now that I see the talented minds behind it, I can understand why. My 8 year old son gets a kick out of 80s cartoons, I’ll have to introduce him to this. So awesome. There’s such a warm tone to this specific era of animation that I can’t explain.

  2. Jeremiah Jones-Goldstein

    Cool, thanks, that’s not a deal breaker. Just good to know

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