Schaper U-DRIVE-IT

The U-FLY-IT set certainly seems to stir a lot of memories in kids lucky to own one. I was lucky enough to own a another toy in the Schaper capital letter, U-DO-IT series, the U-DRIVE-IT. While not quite as exciting as the sorta airborne U-FLY-IT, I thought my hand me down U-DRIVE-IT was the cat’s meow. It was certainly the closest think I would get to the driving simulator pre-Atari. So how did it work? Well luckily for us Toy King Wonder has put together a video demonstrating his working U-DRIVE-IT. Watch it and before you know it, U-WANT-IT.

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  1. I think a neighbor kid had one of these when I was little. I remember playing something of the sort & wishing that I had one.

  2. I DO want it! I WANT IT NOW!

  3. Awesome! I had a similar smaller toy called drive me crazy

  4. I was wrong, it was called drive yourself crazy. There is one on ebay right now.

  5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE does anyone know of a working U-Drive-It for sale??? Ive been looking for quite some time to surprise my older brother (he’s turning 44) and will pay top dollar!

  6. Terry- do you still need it? Give me a call 805 364 2335

  7. Is the u drive it toy for sale?

  8. I am looking to buy a u drive it that you show on here. Do you no where i can buy one? Thank you

  9. My friend has a schaper u drive it toy still in the box, never opened. And she’s selling it. She’s in northwest Indiana.

  10. I’m looking for a u drive it toy. Does your friend still have one.

  11. I would love a U-Drive It toy!!! I anyone is selling one please email

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