U-Fly-It was a toy plane made from 1970 to 1975 by Schaper (although you could find it in stores for years afterwards). The toy was simple but exciting for the 70s, the plane was on a string and you could steer and land it.

The Instructor Pilot set came with everything you needed to take to the sky, but they also made some additional toys for the flight-minded kid. This included:

  • F-4E Phantom Playset
  • Barnstormer Playset

In addition to U-FLY-IT, Schaper also made the U-DRIVE-IT playset. While these toys are appreciated by fans, they are also still very affordable on the secondary market. I have seen working good condition versions of U-FLY-It well under $30.

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  1. Joe Becker

    I am the inventor of the U FLY IT toy…. I can provide custom built aircraft carriers.

  2. The Retroist

    Do you have a website Joe or contact info?

  3. Joe Becker 813 633 2615

    I do build U FLY IT aircraft carriers for sale.. I should know I invented it.

  4. Zach

    I got one of these for Christmas around 1975. Mine was the single-engine Piper with the catapult launch. It was one of my all-time favorite toys. Thank you Joe for such a wonderful creation!

  5. Ed

    Umm no Joe you are not the inventor of U Fly It, it was Tobin (Ted) Wolf the same inventor of ThunderCats.

  6. alan galinko

    Me Becker:
    I am interested in one of your aircraft carriers if you still have one available?
    Do you have any of the Yoke controllers for sale? (not the single stick)

    thanks Alan

  7. Mike Mayo

    I have available a U-Fly-It # 706 set for sale. It is the single engine Piper with catapault. It is in very good condition. I bought it some years ago and it appears to be in semi assembled state, so I doubt it was used much if at all. Contact me if you are interested.

  8. Joe Becker

    For thoes who doubt I am the U Fly it inventor just look at the name on the U S patient.

  9. David

    joe can you provide me with the us patient no. i looked on the gov web site and didn’t find it. thank you

  10. Joe Becker

    I have built 17 u fly it aircraft carriers to date Joe Becker

  11. Jamie

    I have one for sale that I found in my attic – still in the box…. it the U.S.S Enterprise Aircraft Carrier Set.

    If anyone is interested, e-mail me and make an offer. I’m in Maryland.


    Jamie myspoonistoobig22@hotmail.com

  12. Anthony

    hey my father has been speaking about this toy for years and i finally decided to try and find it. So i was wondering how much would it cost me for you to make one for my dad?

  13. Joe Becker

    Anthony If your still interested in U FLY IT Look Me up on utube u fly it

  14. joe murray

    what a great invention,really a lot of fun, Mr Joe Becker thanks again for a great toy,one of the all time best.

  15. Conner

    Hello Mr. Becker! (and fellow toy flyers)
    I’m not sure how often anyone checks this site but am looking for a U-Fly-It for my husband for Christmas. I am not sure of all the airplane makes/models offered, but I believe it would just be something such as the Piper model. (All I know is that it would not be the carrier). He had one as a child and spent hours upon hours playing. He is a pilot, by hobby, and credits his interest and love for flying becuase of your toy!
    I would very much like to surprise him with one this Christmas and wondering if anyone has one for sale. I have seen several on ebay, but none of them seem to be complete sets. I can handle a box that is not in perfect shape, but I would like to find a full set. Thank you all for your time! and Mr. Becker, Thank You for an invention that helped one little boy create a joy that he would enjoy for a lifetime!


  16. Paul Harris

    Joe, Thank you so much for your most excellent invention… One of my fondest childhood memories is of a Cristmas gift I received, a U-Fly-It under the Christmas tree! I must have played with that Piper Cherokee for 3 days straight with my brother and sister! If there is any possibility that I could purchase an aircraft carrier, please contact me and let me know… your toys are a joy! Thank you again…

  17. Dan garvey

    Interested in a u fly it carrier

  18. joe becker

    If dan Garvey is interested he should e mail me joe becker

  19. Rob Krauzig

    Hi, im looking for the U-FLY-IT BARNSTORMER, can anyone help?

  20. Wes Brackenbury

    I am wanting a U Fly It. How do I get in touch with you Joe?


  21. crispin feliciano

    i want one please let me know the waiting peroid, thanks

  22. Steven Hoover

    Hello Mr. Becker,
    Can you tell me what sets were made and sold? I know of the “Private pilot” set, the “Instructor Pilot” Set, the “Instrument Pilot” set, “Commercial Pilot” set, the “Barnstormer” set, and the aircraft carrier set. I current own the “Instrument Pilot” and “Instructor Pilot” sets. I got them off Ebay, and I’ve been doing some restoration to them to fix them up as they were when they were new.
    Thanks for such an awesome toy. I still love playing around with these things and my little 2 1/2 year old boy was just amazed at them. He even was able to land the thing without me helping him.
    Steven Hoover @ pshoover2000@hotmail.com

  23. Kelley Smith

    Mr Becker, I would be interested if you had any copies of the original pilot’s logbook? I have one of your sets, the U Fly It Barnstorming set, its mint but missing the logbook to make it complete, if you have on, id be happy to purchase it.

  24. Ray Bollacker

    Mr. Becker did invent U Fly It. I was great friends with his younger son and spent many times at their home.

  25. Stewart

    Does anybody know if the wooden carrier version is still available?

  26. kim Brokaw

    the cam mechanism that allows the aircraft to turn around is the key component to the toy. Every thing else can be easily reproduced. A 3D printer could easily make that cam component Does any one have the software to produce it?

  27. Rodger Kenoyer

    Thanks Mr. Becker. The private pilot sparked my interest in aviation and was one of my favorite toys that I couldn’t brake.

  28. Anthony Tepool

    I got one for Christmas 1973. I was ten years old. My dad helped me set it up that very night. I loved it and it is the only toy I even remember having.

    1. Retroist

      Sounds like an amazing gift. Thanks for sharing your memory Anthony.

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